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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pre-book airport transportation?

Yes! Pre-booked airport transportation is highly encouraged. See the ‘Travel’ tab for instructions.

How do I get around once arriving at the resort?

We typically Uber around town. For pickups at Solaz, you will need to walk ~1-2 minutes to the front gate to meet your driver. The hotel will also be happy to book rides for you. When you check in, you will be assigned two ‘Artisan Butlers’ that you can text with any requests, including rides!

Do I need to bring cash?

We would suggest bringing enough cash to pay for the pre-booked transportation (plus tip), any other rides you may take that are not Ubers, and to tip the hotel staff. USD is preferred over Mexican pesos! If you forget to bring with you, there is an ATM at the Cabo airport and at the hotel.

What is casual attire for the Thursday night event?

We will be toes in the sand for this event. For ladies, sundresses, rompers, two-piece set, etc. For guys, shorts or pants, polo or short sleeve button down, linen, etc.

What is festive attire for the Friday night event?

Think cocktail attire in bright colors and fun prints/textures!

What is beach formal attire for the wedding?

Elegant but comfortable! Breezy and colorful midi/maxi/full length dresses for women, suits for men (ties not required).

Will we be in the sand on wedding day?

No – the events on wedding day will be on solid ground!

Can I drink the tap water in Cabo?

No – only drink from bottled water (restaurants will by default serve bottled water). If you need more water for your room, text your Artisans!

Do I need to make reservations in advance?

April is peak season in Cabo, so we highly recommend having reservations in advance. However, your Artisans will be able to assist you with any reservations on property or off property among arrival.

If I need to modify my reservation at Solaz how do I do so?

Either shoot us a text and we will be happy to help, or email